MellowHype – ‘BlackenedWhite’ [2011 Re-release]

Posted on 14/07/2011


Hopefully, Odd Future OGs Mellowhype (producer Left Brain and MC Hodgy Beats) need little introduction. As far as I’m concerned, last year’s BlackenedWhite easily ranks in the top five OF releases, so it’s cool to see they’re releasing it in a physical format. I’m gonna cop that as soon as I can, that’s for sure. The updated version of the album includes two new tracks, ’64’ and ‘Igotagun’, the former for which they’ve already put out a video. Unfortunately, a few of the tracks included on the 2010, internet-only version have been removed, due to “legal shit”. Even more unfortunate is the fact that two of those songs are ‘Chordaroy’ and ‘Hell’, two of my personal favourites from the record. To compensate, however, they took off ‘Stripclub’, a truly awful song and probably the lowest moment on an otherwise stellar album. So like, download it below.

Download: Mellowhype – BlackenedWhite [2011 Re-release]

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