Coke Bust – ‘Degradation’

Posted on 13/07/2011


In the mire of well-meaning but, ultimately, monotonous and indistinguishable hardcore bands, DC’s Coke Bust stand out from the like-minded masses. They play fast, grind-y hardcore reminiscent of Weekend Nachos, and, considering the strength of 2010’s Degradation EP, I expect big things of any future releases. While the band’s members are all straightedge (see their Fuck Bar Culture 7″), they’re not overly preachy or condescending, as with a lot of bands in the scene which is a big plus. They don’t have particularly much to say, as seen here, but with tunes this good, I don’t much care. Check out Degradation below.

Download: Coke Bust – Degradation

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