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Posted on 11/07/2011


Like any music enthusiast, i’m a big fan and user of  Recently, I was lucky to stumble upon the page of Suis La Lune’s very own vocalist/guitarist Henning!  After a few general shouts, I decided to try my luck and see if he’d answer a couple of questions for the blog, and i was met with a resounding yes!  Behold my very first interview with a member of a REAL BAND!!!  I hope you all are as excited as I am!

J: So firstly, a question close to my heart, why haven’t you toured asia yet? And more specifically, when will you be coming to Shanghai?

H: We would all love to play in Asia and we have been talking about it several times. Receantly we talked about the possibilities of touring Japan and maybe extend the tour to Malaysia or maybe China. just speculations so far. But as Europeans, i think we would like to do a proper and really big Europe tour first. We have for example never played in Italy, Greece or any east European countries, so i think maybe we should try that out first. Also i think one of the reasons is that we have never been to Asia and we don’t really know how touring works there, but we’d love to find out 🙂

J: Can you give us a brief history of the band? Formation/good times/not so good times?

H: We started out in early 2005 with a bit different type of setting. Our former guitarist, Robert Svensson left the band in 2007 and so I (Henning) took over his guitar and since then the line up has been the same. Since our drummer lives in Gothenburg (other side of Sweden from Stockholm) we have never practiced that intensively as a band. So for us things have happened pretty fast although we’ve been around for 6 years now, but we’re still really amazed and are truly happy that so many people like what we’re doing and also enjoys our style and kind of music.

J: How does the writing process for your music happen? In particular, what inspires the lyrics?

H:  I usually write most of the songs but we always arrange them together, all four of us. I write the lyrics and the kind of stuff that inspires me to write songs is mostly all day experiences, relations, angst, friendship, pretty basic stuff that i guess everybody goes through.

J: On that note, what’s more important, lyrics or music?

H: I think it’s kind of hard to set them apart. Although we always do all the music first and i only add the vocals once the songs are almost done, still i strongly feel the lyrics are connected to the songs and the music.

J: What’s your favourite release (album/song) that you’ve released so far?

H:  I think we all in the band agree on that our first 7″ (with the songs “Let the Bastards Come” and “Parts of Emily”) turned out pretty close to what we had in mind and it was the first recording we did that we were really pleased about. But I also think our Heir 10″ turned out really well aswell and we all still like the songs very much. we’re also working on new material for a second album right now and we’re planning on recording this winter. so keep an eye out next year!

J: Now more generally, what music have you been listening to constantly lately?

H: I listen to a lot of different music styles and gengres. i listen to everything from hardcore-related stuff, crustpunk, noise and black metal to indie pop, classical music and shoegaze. it knows no boundaries for me. but recently i’ve been listening to a lot of different japanese bands. and i’m a huge fan of early indies visual kei like LUV’ra-Doll, EllDorado, L’yse:nore, Baiser, Gilles de Rais, With Sexy, D’Erlanger, Sakrun, early Laputa and early Dir en Grey. 

J: In your opinion, what band(s) do you think are the most underrated around at the moment?

H: That are still active? I think I gotta say 凛として時雨 (Ling Toshite Shigure) from Japan, mostly because not that many people knows about them here in Europe or at least in Sweden, and it’s a shame because they’re really awesome and i think a lot of people would agree with me if they knew about them.

J: Will you send me free merch now that we’re good friends?

H: Haha, i’m afraid i couldn’t afford the shipping expences. But if we get to Shanghai you will get all the merch you want 😀

So there you have it, when Suis La Lune come to Shanghai, James will be getting all the free merch he desires, which i tell you now is going to be a fuck load.  I must give thanks to Henning for a great interview, and SunnyCellars will be hoping to here new Suis La Lune in the very near future!

– J –

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