Xiu Xiu – ‘Daphny’ 7″

Posted on 07/07/2011


There was a time when I thought I could never truly feel truly disturbed by a song again. Nothing could ever top hearing Deicide‘s ‘Scars of the Crucifix’ at the tender age of 11, I reasoned, and years of listening to so-called “extreme” music had surely desensitised my once so impressionable ears. Then, one day, I heard Xiu Xiu’s ‘Buzzsaw’. I can say with certainty that I’ve never felt so unsettled by a song, and this was before I knew anything about the average subject material of Jamie Stewart’s lyrics. What I’m trying to say is that Xiu Xiu is releasing a new single, Daphny, on September 6th. Not only does it feature a typically fucked up cover, of ‘Only Girl (In the World)’ by Rihanna, but the A-side consists of a song about a someone who, on being caught shoplifting, was raped by a police officer (true story). This is Xiu Xiu alright. Download below.

Download: Xiu Xiu – Daphny

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