Zoo Kid – Selected Tracks

Posted on 01/07/2011


I wish I knew more about Zoo Kid. Real name Archy Marshall, the guy is seventeen years old, is from London, and records music he describes as “bluewave”. To be honest, I have no idea what to label him; his music combines dub-style recording techniques with elements of new wave, dream pop and bluegrass… I guess. The sparse, minimalistic production, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and emotional, almost R&B-ish guitar playing that this kid does so beautifully is probably best exemplified on ‘Ocean Bed’, ‘The Wake’ and, in particular, ‘Out Getting Ribs’, probably his best song. In his own words, “The riffs and melodies have all been created to enhance ‘a cliff hanger ending’ throughout. The lyrics are very intellectual and so listeners who know me stand no chance in understanding them. An outsider however may be of some accurate interpretation.” What this means is anyone’s guess. Describing Zoo Kid’s music is almost impossible, so listen for yourself, and expect big things. I’ve compiled what I think are all his available tracks, other than those included on the mysterious “$quality” EP. I’ve included a remix he did of The Streets‘ ‘Puzzled By People’ as well.


1. Has This Hit

2. Out Getting Ribs

3. Baby Blue

4. The Wake

5. Ocean Bed

6. Rock Bottom

7. Jigsaw Falling Out of Place

8. Broke

9. A Lizard State

10. Greyscale

11. The Streets – Puzzled By People (Official Zoo Kid Remix)

Edit: Unfortunately, Zoo Kid’s management wanted us to take the link down. They’ve provided us with streams of two songs instead. Sorry y’all.

Zoo Kid – ‘Has This Hit’

Zoo Kid – ‘Out Getting Ribs’

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