Catatonic Youth – ‘Piss Scene’ + ‘Control My Gun’

Posted on 28/06/2011


Diltz Barret was the sole member of Catatonic Youth, whose solitary release was Piss Scene in 2008, a simultaneously noisy and catchy collection of four songs. The whole purposely lo-fi punk thing that was so prominent over the last few years is starting to get played out, but, to me at least, Catatonic Youth stands out from the pack. Check out the song ‘Piss Scene 2’, probably the best on the EP, for a taste of the guy’s excellent songwriting abilities. The only other track he ever put out, ‘Control My Gun’, was featured on one of the many The World’s Lousy With Ideas compilations, and I’ve included it in the below download link. Here’s hoping for a return of Catatonic Youth.

Download: Catatonic Youth – Piss Scene + Control My Gun

– D –