Death Grips – ‘Exmilitary’

Posted on 27/06/2011


This is definitely not for everyone.  At first, i couldn’t get past the vocals, but after a second listen, and actually paying attention to the lyrics, it’s grown on me a fuck load.  Firstly, the production is amazing.  Secondly, the beats are fucking amazing.  Thirdly, even though I can see how they could be annoying, the vocals are intense.  If you had to give this a genre i guess it could be defined as industrial rap, but it combines elements of hip-hop, electronica, noise and punk.

It’s also rumored that drummer Zach Hill (of Hella) is a part of the hip-hop trio that is Death Grips, but it’s unconfirmed.  On top of that, the other two members are unknown.  Seriously weird, but seriously rad, check it:

Download: Death Grips – Exmilitary

I’ve also added some videos off their youtube below:


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