Joy Orbison – Selected Tracks

Posted on 24/06/2011


Peter O’Grady, AKA Joy Orbison, is one of the best dubstep producers around right now. I’m kind of reluctant to use the word “dubstep”, because of its distasteful association with the nausea-inducing, intolerable stuff they blast at clubs these days (see Skrillex, Deadmau5), which should really be labelled “clubstep”; however, Joy Orbison’s music encompasses garage, 2-step, and elements of house to create an updated version of what I assume they played at totally cool English underground clubs in the 90’s: jittery, pulsating beats, long build ups and warped, effected synths.

He had a minor hit with 2009 single “Hyph Mngo”, and he’s continued to develop since then. Under the shortened moniker of Joy O, O’Grady put out latest single “Wade In / Jels” this year, and I like the A-side in particular. I’ve included that release in a compilation of eleven JO tracks, some of which are difficult to track down, below.

Tracklisting (Not necessarily in this order):

1. Wade In

2. Jels

3. BB

4. Ladywell

5. Hyph Mngo

6. J.Doe

7. The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow

8. Wet Look


10. So Derobe

11. Tentative Bidding

Download: Joy Orbison – Selected Tracks

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