Cerebral Ballzy – Selected Tracks

Posted on 22/06/2011


Cerebral Ballzy produce some of the most imbecilic, brain-dead music known to man; it’s sloppy, brash and ridiculously dumb. I love it. Seems to me these dudes don’t do much more than listen to a LOT of Black Flag, drink, smoke up, puke and skate, so you know what to expect. Unfortunately, a lot of their stuff is hard to track down, so I’ve compiled twelve songs off various releases. The songs are of varying quality, in both production and the actual music, but the good mostly outweighs the bad: pay special attention to ‘Insufficient Fare’ and ‘Skate All Day’. Gloriously stupid.


1. Causing Havoc
2. Insufficient Fare
3. Skate All Day
4. Your Idol
5. Don’t Tell Me What to Do
6. Drug Myself Dumb
7. Cerebral Ballzy
8. Puke Song
9. L Train Blues
10. Anthem
11. Anthem (Mumdance Remix)
12. Skate All Day (Mumdance Remix)

Download: Cerebral Ballzy – Selected Tracks

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