Emo Revival!

Posted on 19/06/2011


As a massive fan of 90’s emo, it’s nice to see that the genre is being carried forward into the 21st century as a movement known as ’emo revival’.  Everyone knows about the obvious emo revival bands (Snowing, Empire! Empire!, Prawn, Joie De Vivre etc.) so i wanted to post about the newer, not so well established bands trying to make a name for themselves.  In No Particular order, here’s a few of my favourites:

1. Brave Bird

As quoted on their tumblr, “Brave Bird combines elements of math rock, punk, and emo in hopes of producing the most honest and sincere music”, and fuck yes it works.  Think American Football guitars, combined with some other emo bands that i can’t be bothered to think of right now, and a lot of radness.  Full length is in process of recording, however their EP “Ready or Not” is out and is incredible.

Download:  Brave Bird – Ready or Not (EP)

2. Park Jefferson

One of the two Ex Merchant ships/Midwest Pen Pals bands, and in my opinion probably the better one.  Extremely catchy melodies which tell tales of teenage struggles and other seemingly irrelevant, yet oddly amusing events and images.  They pretty much just make likable music, and for the little time they’ve been together, they’ve churned out quite a fair bit of it.  Unfortunately they’re splitting up soon, which is pretty lame, but an LP is promised before this so hopefully they’ll deliver.

Download: Park Jefferson – Childhood

3. Old Gray

Rough, but still great, Old Gray is the epitome of a garage band whose music is pretty much just being held back by production.  Sure, the vocals are out of tune a lot, but that’s all part of the charm right?  Oh yeah, this band is breaking up soon.  Fuck.

Download:  Old Gray – Demo

4. Mallard

Mallard includes ex/current members of Footnotes, I Sing the Equator, Corvocado, Broski and Mumble.  Very twinkly and very nice, it’s kinda hard not to enjoy this band.  Even if you don’t like any of the previously mentioned bands the members come from, Mallard is refreshingly different and more importantly, tight.  Oh and they’re not affiliated with Captain Beefheart. At all.

Download: Mallard – Demo

5. William Bonney

The other Ex Merchant Ships/Midwest Pen Pals break up band, much heavier and rawer that Park Jefferson, but nevertheless awesome.  Even though i much prefer PJ, William Bonney still kick serious ass.  Even though we lost two amazing bands, their musical spawn made up for it.  They have some new shit up for download i believe, but here is the original demo which i guarantee will make you think “oh this is rad”.

Download: William Bonney – Fall Demo

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